terrier, originally uploaded by chick chick sewing.

I embroidered this cute terrier using an embroidery pattern from this embroidery pattern  in this blog.  In this blog, there are many other lovely and vintage looking embroidery patterns available, and they're even free! I'm thinking, what project shall I make this cute terrier into, with a little bit of fabric... ? A pouch? A drawstring bag? Or a pillow?  We'll see.

Besides this terrier, I also made this deer pillow using another pattern from this blog.  I added cherries around the deer. 

I just love these embroidery patterns!

Both of these embroideries are done on ivory linen, using two strands of DMC floss.   Happy embroidery!


Sam said...

Thanks so much for sharing! Your embroidery is lovely!

Beads Luvr said...

It looks simple yet lovely!


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