Happy Halloween!

Our girls are all excited for the upcoming Halloween this weekend.  Tomorrow at school, there will be parties in their classrooms, followed by the costume parade.  I'm glad that this year's Halloween will be on Saturday, instead of on a weekday, so that the kids could stay up a little late after going trick-or-treating.

I made this Halloween garland by felt.  After cutting up the felts  into ghost, pumpkin, and bat shapes, I combined two felt shapes (wrong sides together) and machined sewed all around, leaving a small opening.  Then, I filled it with the fiber fill, and machined sewed the opening.  Their eyes, nose and mouths are glued on to the felt with the fiber glue, so the entire job was pretty quick and easy. 

Recently, when I found this orange trimming with pumpkin faces on at our local Joann's, I knew what I wanted to make with it... a Halloween garland!  This pumpkin garland was 60% off, and with that kind of a deep discount, I just couldn't resist but to buy and make something...!! 

Hope you all have a safe and fun Halloween! 

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