Small gifts and our kids' "bento" lunch boxes

 I made these small gifts over the weekend... They are fabric covered magnets, individually wrapped with a bit of decoration using my hand carved "strawberry" eraser stamp.  

I love making these small gifts.   These are quick and simple projects, which normally takes less than an hour to make, yet still gives me a sense of accomplishment.

And by the way, below is an image of our girls'  Japanese style "bentos" or lunch boxes from last Saturday morning...

On regular school days, our girls' bring sandwiches, pastas, tacos, and all sorts of  "American style" lunches to their school from home.  However, when they go to the Japanese school on every Saturdays, they like to bring these Japanese style "bentos". 

 For this day's "bento", I filled their lunch boxes with "edamame" or boiled and lightly salted soy beans, "ta-ma-go-yaki" or lightly sweetened Japanese omelets, BBQ style beef, and some fresh cherries.  Besides these small portion of dishes, the girls also brought a couple of rice balls with sea weeds.  These are traditional style Japanese lunch box menu.

I used these colorful silicon cups normally used for baking cupcakes, to divide and fill different food in their bento boxes.  They're nice because it's washable and reusable.

The girls seemed to like their lunch, their bento boxes were empty when they returned home! 


Jessica said...

My son has a little box like these which was a gift from a friends vist to Thailand. It's so cute I wish it was bigger so it could fit my lunch in it!

Unknown said...

Hi, Jessica! Some Japanese crafters I know use these "bento" boxes as a carrying sewing case. As long the lid closes tightly, it sure will be a good storage place for all the crafting goodies, including small pins and scissors :)

Gift Bags and Boxes said...

Nice small gift boxes and lunch boxes.


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