Handmade water bottle holder

When our kids go to the summer camps, they bring their sack lunches along with their own water bottles. 

I made a water bottle holder for my older daughter, using the fabrics she selected (she loves pink!)

The handmade bottle holder fits this 500 ml (or 1 pt 0.9 fl oz) water bottle snugly.   Cotton batting is sewn between the outer fabric and the lining.

It's getting pretty hot here in the Southern California, so our kids must drink lots of water during the day, especially when they spend most of the day under the sun.

I sewed a detachable shoulder strap, so that my daughter can carry her water bottle wherever they go.  

The opening is finished with the bias tape...

With the new water bottle holder on her shoulder, our daughter is ready to kick off to the summer day camp!  Yay!


Meeks said...

This totally reminds me of Japan!!

PY said...

Very cute and very practical !

Unknown said...

Thanks, ladies, for visiting!

Meeks - Yes, you're right, these water bottle holders are totally Japanese style! I'd say that almost all kids in Japan own one of these... but no kid really carries these things around here in the U.S. (lol) In fact, I had to make this one for my girl because she misplaced the one that she got from Japan a while ago...!

PY - Do kids in Malaysia bring water bottle holders like this one to their school/camps?? Or is it just the Japanese who like to have "holders" and "cases" for everything??

sweetTarap said...

Hi Amy, this is nice and useful.

For your information, I do see many kids in Singapore and Malaysia bring along their water bottles with such holders. However, they bought the ready made from shops which are not 'customise' like this. Hope you will share a tutorial for this.

PY said...

Some kids in Malaysia do bring water bottle holders , usually not handsewn but comes together when you purchase the Tupperware brands products( which is quite a famous brand in my country).

Unknown said...

Thanks, sweetTarap and PY, for answering to my earlier question! It's always interesting to learn about your countries!

And sweetTarap, next time if I make this holder, I'll try to remember to take pics for every steps so that I can post tutorial some day...


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