Hanging lavender sachets (matryoshka)

I made a few of these hanging lavender sachets with a matryoshka girl stamped on to the front of the sachet.  This matryoshka stamp is a handcarved eraser stamp carved by me earlier.

The back side of the sachet is natural linen.

The sachet is small enough to sit on my palm like this.

The lace strap is attached so that it can be hung on to the bag handles or anywhere else easily.

Whenever I work with dried lavenders, its soothing scent fills the room and I just love it!!

If you are feeling stressed or having hard time relaxing, you should try the good old aromatherapy of lavenders... It works miracles!  BTW these sachets are in my shop right now ;)

Thanks for reading and hope you have a great weekend!

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PY said...

Amy, these are so cute and lovely !


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