Patchwork wristlet... love!

 Hi all :)
Have you had a chance to check out this awesome tutorial by Pink Penguin for the patchwork wristlet?   If not, go check it out now, like I did!

 Just like many of Pink Penguin's other tutorials, this patchwork wristlet tutorial was very easy to follow, yet the result is simply fabulous.   I am so happy how my wristlet turned out. 

My wristlet is actually a little bigger than the one on the tutorial, as I used 2.5 inch squares instead of 2 inch squares.  Mine measures approx 7.5 inches x 6 inches in size.

The back side of my wristlet looks like this.

Inside has few pockets which is very convenient to use.

Besides this patchwork wristlet,  in the past, I've made some of other projects based on her tutorials, such as these fabric baskets.

Thanks, Pink Penguin, for another great tutorial!

I'm ready to head off with this cute one ;)


ayumills said...

Oh my goodness Amy! The wristlet you made is so kawaii!!! Amyさんの布合わせ本当にかわいいです♪サクランボと英字のマッチがまた最高!

Nima said...

beautiful finishing

PY said...

Amy, your wristlet is fabulous ! Carrying such a pretty wristlet will sure make you in a merry mood ! :).

cocostitch said...


Unknown said...

Thank you, ladies, for taking your time to leave nice comments here :)

Ayumills - Thank YOU for your great tute! 私のほうこそ、いつもAyumiさんの作品を見るたびに自分も何か作りたくなってしまって体がウズウズして大変なんですよ!笑。いつもほんとにありがとう♪

Nima - Hi! Your needlework and crochet projects are breathtaking!! So gorgeous!

PY - Thanks, and I love your patchwork creations, too! I esp admire those patchwork colorful floor cushions you made earlier ;)

Cocostitch - 是非cocostitchさんもトライしてみて下さい~。少しずつたまってしまうはぎれ利用にもグーですよ!


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