Birthday gift set to a 9 year old girl

Hi all!  Hope you're enjoying your November days.

I had a couple of gift items that I sewed in the last few weeks which I hadn't posted here yet.  And this gift set is one of them.  It's a birthday gift to a newly turned 9 year old girl, who is a good friend of my younger daughter (a 3rd grader). 

 Because the gift recipient (the birthday girl) is returning to Japan for good in the coming months, I made a bag set for her that can be used in Japanese elementary school.  

Japanese school bag (with a birthday card kept in the pocket).

In a typical Japanese grade school, besides the leather backpacks that children carry on their backs everyday, kids are required to bring several fabric bags of different sizes to their school. 

With these extra bags, grade school kids carry various school items inside, such as indoor shoes (in Japan, kids are required to change their shoes everyday at school), P.E. clothes, cloth napkins for lunch, musical instruments, and so on.  (Most of the time, the textbooks will be stored in their leather backpacks).

As with many of the bags I make, this bag is also reversible.

Close up of the pocket area.  My daughter really likes this fun Japanese fabric with animals and candies, and so do I!

Here is the matching drawstring bag I made,  a bag intended to store P.E. clothes or indoor shoes.

Drawstring bag is also reversible.  Inside is baby pink.

I hope the girl liked the gift set... and I hope that she can make use of these bags when she returns to Japan!

Thanks for reading and I will be back soon ;)


Anonymous said...

These are adorable and a great gift!!

Unknown said...

Jeannie!! It's great to see you here on my blog. Thanks for your warm comments as always - your kindness always brightens up my day :) Happy sewing!! xoxo, Amy


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