Handmade stickers made with handcarved erasers

This is something I've been trying to post here but been forgetting to do so...

These are handmade stickers made with my handcarved erasers.

I simply stamped my eraser stamps onto these blank sticker label sheets
(round) from Avery using different colored stamp inks.

It was a fun and quick project to make!

Well, from today (Wed, Nov 24th) our girls are off from school, and they will enjoy a long five day Thanksgiving holidays... 

Both my husband's and my side of the families all reside in Japan, so we usually celebrate Thanksgiving with our closest friends...

This year, we  plan to visit our friend's house for the Thanksgiving dinner, which we really look forward to :)   I will be bringing few dishes to the dinner, including Chinese chicken salad, Japanese style mixed rice with meat and veggies (o-ko-wa), and I may make one more dish to lighten the cooking load of the hostess (my friend).

Hope you all have a happy turkey day, too!


Speckled Hen said...

Your handmade stickers are so charming! I particularly love the one with cup and steam - it makes me yearn for a hot cup of tea in this freezing weather.
By the way, your Japanese style witn meat and vegie sounds interesting. How do you make this dish? I recently made shabu shabu following a recipe - it tasted delicious although my beef wasn't thinly sliced. I need more practice.

Unknown said...

Hi, Speckled Hen :) I'm glad to hear that you like these handmade stickers - I personally like the cup and steam sticker, too!

I found this online recipe for the Japanese meat/veggie/rice "o-ko-wa", similar to the one I cooked for Thanksgiving. I used pressure cooker instead of regular pot, but I think both works just fine.


The imp part is that this recipe requires a Japanese sticky rice (or glutinous rice, not regular white rice), which I hope you can find it in your area... Oh and BTW your shabu shabu sounds so good that I feel like I have to have them for our dinner tonight :D Yum!

Speckled Hen said...

Thank you very much for the link for the recipe - much appreciated! I will shop on-line for Japanese sticky rice and have a go at cooking this simple yet very yummy dish.


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