Tiny *flower* pincushion

I made a tiny pincushion using a gray crocheted flower.

I like to crochet these double layered flowers with different yarns,
whenever I have spare time.

And in the past, I've made various items using these flowers
that I crocheted, including...

Crocheted pony tail holders with wood beads in the middle

Crocheted flower bag charm with linen covered fabric button in the middle


Crocheted flower brooch with faux pearls in the center

And this time, I made a tiny pincushion.

I simply attached the crocheted flower on to the linen pincushion by hand, and then handstitched the entire surrounding of the pincushion with a red embroidery thread.

It is a very small pincushion, but I like the simplicity of this project.

Thanks for reading and happy crocheting!


Nima said...

wow..very pretty

Unknown said...

Thank you, nima, for visiting :) Hope you have a wonderful week!

PY said...

Ho could I resist myself from learning crocheting after looking at all your beautiful work ? But I would have to wait till I retire , life is just too busy... ^o^


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