Handmade gift for a baby girl

Hello there!

It's hard to believe that September is approaching, and I'm sure that many of the kids are going back to school by now... Although our girls' school year does not begin until later next week, and I can't wait! 
(Confession by a tired mom from California... lol)

Anyways, today, I wanted to share with you another baby gift set that I finished recently.
This time, the gift is made for a sweet baby girl.

I used this lovely strawberry fabric for the bib front.  The fabric is double gauze from Japan, which is super soft and smooth.

I did not patchwork the gingham check and the strawberry print... I'm not sure if you can tell from this image, but this is a *fake* patchwork fabric ;)

The opposite side of the bib is waffle cotton, which is super absorbent.

To match with the strawberry bib, I made a drawstring bag using linen and the strawberry print from my stash.   As with my other drawstring bags, I made this bag by following my dear blog friend, Ayumi's wonderful tutorial here.


Close up of the hand stitched name of the baby... Although it takes time, I really enjoy stitching baby names by hand.  While I stitch the name of the baby, I always wish that the baby's future will be filled with lots of happiness, love, and prosperity...

The reversible side of the drawstring bag.  More berries on this side!


I just wish that this gift set will be used by the sweet baby girl and her proud mommy and daddy!

Thanks for reading and I hope to be back soon ;)

***With love, Amy***


Speckled Hen said...

The bib and bag are so lovely - lucky baby girl! I particularly like the strawberry pattern on the bib. Amy, Are there any on-line shops sell this type of pretty gauze fabrics? I would love to purchase some.

PY said...

Amy, Love your fabric choices.The bib is so sweet and lovely. Well done !.

Farah said...

Hi Amy... it is simply damn cute and I am thinking now that to whom I can give this as a gift... Lovely and the fabric print are so Pretty
Visit me if you can at

Unknown said...

Thank you, Speckled Hen, PY, and Farah, for your lovely comments, as always ;)

I really enjoy making stuff for babies, and the most fun part is to select fabrics for the individual baby!!

@Speckled Hen - I purchased this strawberry double gauze fabric from our local fabric store in southern cal, who unfortunately does not sell online :(
As you may have already checked, there are many Etsy stores who sells "Japanese double gauze" and besides Etsy, this is another fabric store that I've purchased before who carries variety of Japanese and non japanese fabrics (also located in southern cal):


Hope it helps! Love, Amy***

newborn gift said...

I like the colors that you used for the bid and the bad! Thumbs up!

Unknown said...

Thank you!
Love, Amy


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