My handmade item was featured in this Japanese craft book (OMG)!

Today, I have a surprising news that I wanted to share with you...

My handmade digital camera pouch that I made a while ago was featured in this Japanese craft book from my favorite author/crafter, "komihinata" or Mioko Sugino!!!

I've been following and reading her inspirational craft blog for a while, and what a honor to be able to be part of her latest craft book...!

Publisher: Shufu-no-tomo-sha
Publish date: May 2011

ISBN-10: 4072766828
ISBN-13: 978-4072766828

Here is the page where my handmade digital camera pouch is featured.   The page is titled "Handmade items made by the author's blog and craft book readers"

I feel so delighted to have my digital camera pouch featured with all of the handmade beauties here (no matter how small the picture of my pouch is on this page...LOL)!

And this is the close up of my handmade pouch... I think I made this item about two years ago, based on the previous book by the same author, but I still use it to this day, because this shape is very cute and practical!

Thanks for reading and hope you continue to have a wonderful weekend :)


verykerryberry said...

What a thrill Amy to see yours in her book! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh how fun is that!!! I know you are jumping up and down!! and I love these craft books too.

cocostitch said...

Amyさん!これはOMG!!ですね!!congratulations!! 私まで興奮してしまいました!!

Aceukay said...

Congratulations Amy!! You have done brilliantly!! I love your handmade.

PY said...

Really fun,right ?
I understand how happy you are. hahaha!

Nancy Lee said...

Because it is adorable!
Congratulations, well done!

Unknown said...

Awww... Thank you so much to Kerry, Jeannie, cocostitch, Aceukay, PY, and Nancy Lee, for your extremely kind and encouraging words to congratulate me!!!

@Jeannie, how did you know that I was literally jumping up and down from excitement? (LOL)


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