Stitching for baby

Last night, while our girls watched T.V., I sat together with them on our sofa and did some hand stitching work.  I made a baby gift set for our family friend's baby boy.  Well, I used sewing machine to make both the bib and the drawstring bag, but the embroidery is hand stitched by me :)

This colorful elephant fabric placed in the center of this patchworked bib is my recent find from our local Joann store.  I think it's perfect for making baby items (both for a baby boy and a girl).

Close up of my hand stitched work...  I used the embroidery pattern of this spoon with a ribbon from this Japanese embroidery book:

ISBN-10: 4072589748
ISBN-13: 978-4072589748

The reversible side of the bib is soft cotton flannel...

Here, I embroidered the little boy's name on to the drawstring bag.  BTW this reversible bag was made based on this awesome tutorial from Pink Penguin!

Close up of the baby boy's name... Kaito

Reversible side of the bag: a bunch of colorful elephants :)

As you can probably tell, making handmade gifts is one of my favorite things to do, and I especially enjoy making stuff for babies :)

And the good news is that I will be making two more baby gifts like this one soon for more babies arrived around our family friends.  Yes, it seems like there is a baby boom around here and I'm so happy for them!!

I hope this gift will be used by the baby and his family...

Thanks for reading and I hope you're enjoying your weekend as much as I'm enjoying mine ;)


cocostitch said...


Ruth said...

Beautiful - I especially like the hand stitching!

PY said...

Such a sweet lovely gift set ! I am sure Kaito will love the colourful elephant fabric you used !

Unknown said...

Thank you, ladies, for your precious comments, as always!

@cocostitch - そうなんです、おめでた続きで嬉しい悲鳴なんです(笑)!実際には、ベビーラッシュは私達の身内ではなく、友達関係なのですが、ベビーグッズ作りは本当に楽しいです♪♪

@Ruth - So nice of you to comment on my hand stitching! Although it's far from perfect, hand stitching was so enjoyable and soothing for me that I can't wait to work on my next (hand stitching) project ^^

@PY - Thank you so much! I hope Kaito and his family likes the colorful elephants, too ;)

CÖ SER said...

hi ¡¡ nice job, congratulations from Chile, Carolyn.

Anonymous said...

I love these baby gifts! as usual you did an awesome cute job. I will have to look for the fabric at Joann's. I think the hand embroidery is a very special touch!

Unknown said...

Thank you, ladies, for taking time to leave comment here :)

@Carolyn - Hello and nice to meet you! Wish you a happy stitching to you in Chile :)

@Jeannie- Thank you for your sweet comments as always!! I purchased this elephant fabric at our local Joann a while ago (1-2 months ago?) and I hope you can still find it there... Good luck!!

Veerle said...

What a lovely job you did with the baby bib. Where can I buy the pattern of the bib? many thank, Veerle

Unknown said...

Thank you, Veerle, for your sweet comments!

The bib pattern is my original - I basically traced the old bibs that our girls used when they were babies and made adjustments here and there.

But I think there are many useful (free) bib patterns out there on the web, including these that I just found out. Hope it helps!
Love, Amy

Free (and cute) bib patterns (just to name a few...)

Unknown said...

so cute, really beautiful

Custom Embroidery Digitizing

Unknown said...

Thanks Sophia 💕Happy stitching


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