Crochet hair scrunchies with glittery yarn edging

We're in the midst of tax season right now, and  I've been crunching numbers all day lately which can get really exhausting... Often times, it comes to a point where I need a good mind refresher to lift up my spirits...  
So what do I do?  

Yes, I crochet! I made many of these crocheted hair scrunchies recently :D   For me, crocheting is a fun and inexpensive way to relieve everyday stress and to give me a sense of accomplishment, especially after a long "unaccomplished" day...

 I like to carry yarns and a hook wherever I go to enjoy stitching these small projects.   If you see a middle aged Japanese looking woman crocheting something while she's standing in line at a local supermarket checkout... that's got to be me!!  LOL

To make these scrunchies, I used leftover acrylic yarns overall.

I really did not follow any pattern to make these, although I was inspired by this Japanese craft book.  These scrunchies are simply made up of combinations of double crochets, single crochets, and chain stitches.

Black Caron glimmer yarn is used for this edging.  This chenille yarn adds that soft puffiness and the sparkling effect, which I really like :)

Hair scrunchie worn by our 10 year old daughter here.

For these colorful edgings, I used Lion brand Vanna's glamour yarn, which comes in various colors.

I personally like the white/silver combination the best, I think.

How do you like this hair scrunchies "tower" on our paper towel holder? :D

Well, thanks for visiting my blog today and hope you have a relaxing weekend!! 

Love, Amy xoxo

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PY said...

Amy, beautiful scrunchies ! I wanted to start learning crocheting such pretty things too ....haha !:D


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