My etsy shop reopened for fundraising :)

I reopened my etsy shop over this weekend.  

As I've mentioned in my earlier post, I decided to donate 100% sales proceeds from my shop sales (less shipping and handling) to Japan Relief as my way to continue to support Japan's relief efforts.

In 2011, after Japan was hit by that mega earthquake and tsunami, I raised my fundraising goal of $1000 from my etsy sales proceeds, with the help from my friends and customers, and was able to donate the entire amount to the Japanese Red Cross Society for Japan Earthquake Relief.

This year, I decided to donate my entire shop proceeds to "Ashinaga" organization of Japan (あしなが育英会) until further notice.  FYI the word "Ashinaga" means "Daddy Long Legs" in Japanese.

According to the media, approximately 1,300 children in Japan under the age of 18 has lost one or both of their parents from the last year's earthquake and tsunami.  The "Ashinaga" organization supports these children both financially and emotionally.  Being a mom myself, I wanted to do something to support these young Japanese children who has gone through so much from last year's worst natural disaster in nearly 100 years of recent Japan's history...

So... let me take a moment to showcase some of the new items that I've listed in my shop this weekend.

This is a linen pouch/card case/digital camera case with doily flap.  The flap closes with a fabric covered button that is the same fabric with the pouch lining.

Linen pouch opened.  Lining is Japanese imported 100% cotton floral print. 

The doily is crocheted by me.   The design of the pouch and doily is my original.

This is a iPhone/iPod sleeve with doily flap.  100% linen is used for the exterior, and Denise Schmidt DS quilt collection print is used for the lining. 

As with the linen pouch above, the doily flap is hand crocheted by me. 

These are crocheted hair scrunchies in different colored edging.  Acrylic glitter yarns are used for the ruffle edge. 

To make these hair scrunchies, the yarns are carefully crocheted around these quality ponytail holder elastic (one elastic for each scrunchie).

Now, let me move on to my handmade bags.

I had so much fun making this one.  It's a log cabin patchwork and linen reversible tote bag.  The bag is a good size to every day necessities as well as books, knitting and crocheting supplies, etc.

The opposite side of the bag exterior looks like this.

Bag bottom.

For reversible side, matching fabric from the same DS quilts collection is used for different look.

Oh, and I had to make this bag for my love of Matryoshka (Russian dolls) :D

As with many bags that I make, this granny bag is reversible.  Wood handles adds that retro touch to the bag, I think.

Reversible side is simple brown/white polka dots.

This granny bag is roomy inside with one inside pocket.  The bag bottom looks like this.

Well, that's it for today, and thank you so much for reading this long post!!  I'm really not sure how much I can raise from this DIY fundraising efforts (lol), but wish me luck for the success of my fundraiser :D

Hope you have a good week!

Love, Amy xoxo


Anonymous said...

What a super nice thing to do! Boy we just don't realize all that is still involved with the remains of this disaster!

uzum said...






Unknown said...

@Jeannie - Your sweet comments always encourages me from the bottom of my heart! Thank you for your kindness :) You're very talented and I can't wait to see your next project!

@uzumさん-コメントいただけて感動しています!私のほうこそ、これからも uzumさんの美しい刺繍作品の数々と双子ちゃん達の健やかなご成長を楽しみにしています。どうもありがとうございます♪

PY said...

Beautiful handmade stuffs ! May God bless those Japanese children ! With your kind heart , I hope they will recover and be strong to live confidently....

Unknown said...

Thank you, PY!
I hope so, too, that the children from the earthquake diaster struck areas recover and live strong...


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