Crochet star stitches... love!

Hello everyone and hello March!  Today is sunny and warm around here in Southern California and I feel the spring is in the air...

Yet I'm still crocheting things with wintery wool yarns :D 

I crocheted a simple neck warmer or a cowl with my favorite *star stitches*.  The pattern is from this book.   As you may recall, I made a crochet seat cushion recently from the same book.

Can you see the four buttons placed on the side of the scarf?

These buttons connect the both ends of the scarf to make a loop.  I love this neck warmer/cowl!

And here are more seat cushions that I made for our kitchen chairs and stool, with the *star stitches* again.

These cushions are warm and puffy that keep our bottoms comfy :)

BTW today, March 3rd, is Girls day in Japan.

We decorated a corner of our house like this.  We're planning to celebrate Girls day with special homemade sushi and sweet cakes today...

Happy Girls day to you beautiful crafty girls out there!!   Hope you continue to enjoy your weekend :)


PY said...

Oh ! Amy, LOVE LOVE all your beautiful work ! How I wish I can retire soon ,so that I can have time to crochet pretty things as you did !:P

Unknown said...

Thank you, PY!

And don't wait until you retire to crochet, just pick up some yarns and a hook and start crocheting right now!! Although you seem very busy at work... :(

Let's just continue to try our best to squeeze in that much needed craft time whenever possible...!

Wishing you the best from California :) Love, Amy

Wendy said...

What a gorgeous cowl, I love that stitch!

Unknown said...

Thank you, Wendy :D These "star" stitches are not only pretty looking, but they're addicting to crochet, too! I highly recommend you trying if you get a chance^^

PY said...

Yes, Amy, you are right. I need to sew/crochet some stuffs to release my work tension ... :D


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