Crocheted camera case かぎ針編みのデジカメケース

The other day, I was in a desperate need of a camera case to protect our new digital camera, after dropping the camera down to our kitchen floor not once, but twice in a row. Oops!

First I thought about sewing the new camera case, but I ended up crocheting one. I wanted a new case a.s.a.p. (before dropping the camera again for the third time...), and crocheting seemed like a quicker way to do this.
Here's the sewn version of the camera case that I made few years back for our old digital camera. Yes, I still like this camera case, but this one is too roomy for our new camera to fit inside. (You know that the size of the digital camera continues to get slimmer and smaller.) Therefore I had to custom make a new case for our new camera.

 It took me about two hours to crochet this simple case. Mission accomplished :)
There is no pattern for this project. I simply picked up acrylic/cotton blend yarn from my yarn stash and began crocheting with single crochet from the bottom up, beginning with an oval shape then making it into a flat tube shape to fit our camera snugly.
 My initial plan was to embellish the camera case with these crocheted flowers... but then I changed my mind because I knew that my hubby (who is in his late forties) will not like the idea of carrying around a camera with crocheted flowers attached to the case!

Well, he may not like the bow embellishment either, but to me, the bow seemed less girly than the flowers. Or are they both equally girly looking? (lol)
Later on, I may end up making a more "unisex" looking camera case for my hubby, but as of now, we'll keep this one and see what he says ;) At least I know for sure that our girls wouldn't mind using our new camera case.

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