Personalized baby gift set for little Rae 姪っ子にベビーギフトをハンドメイド


The baby gift set for my youngest niece is finally finished and it flew to Tokyo earlier this week! The gift was made for the precious little girl, Rae.   I made three handmade items for her: patchwork drawstring bag, soft baby ring toy, and the personalized patchwork bib.



Baby Rae's initial is stitched on the center of this patchwork bag that I shared in my earlier post.


Does this soft toy look like bunny to you? I hope so!  It's a soft ring toy with a hand embroidered face.


Back side 裏側はこんな感じ。

Two separate body parts are stitched together to make a bunny toy...


I love making personalized baby gift for the baby and this one is no exception.   While I stitched little Rae's name on to the bib, I wished that her life will be filled with lots of love, good health, and prosperity...

こちらはお馴染み、ベビーのお名前刺しゅう入りのビブです。 姪っ子は「れい」という名前です。れいちゃんが健康で、愛情いっぱいの、豊かな人生を送ってくれますように・・・とたくさんの願いをこめてお名前をステッチしましたよ。

Reverse side is soft flannel in pink x white polka dots.


Bib can be worn with a snap closure.


By the way, if you would like to make your own bunny soft toy and a personalized patchwork bib for the baby in your life, both items are included in my book (release date: June 1, 2013)!


I hope my sweet little niece likes the handmade gift set made by her aunty from California!


And before I go, the bunny toy wants to wish you all a Happy Easter!! (lol)

こちらでは今週末はイースター(復活祭)を祝う週末です。ウサギのニギニギさんもイースターをお祝いしています。笑。 (ウサギはイースターのシンボルです)。

***Love, Amy Morinaka***

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