Elephant patchwork zipper pouch ぞうさん柄のパッチワークポーチ

Here's something that I whipped up for my youngest sis, using the remnant fabrics from the baby gift set that I made earlier.  It's a patchwork zipper pouch featuring her favorite fabrics of elephants :) 
東京在住の妹にぞうさん柄の生地でパッチワークのファスナーポーチを作りました。 少し前に妹に頼まれて作った赤ちゃんギフトのハギレを利用しました。 この妹はなぜかぞうさん柄が好きなのです。
You may recall this baby gift set that I made for baby Hajime earlier...

My younger sis is a school teacher in Tokyo, and she asked me to make her an oversized pencil pouch to store all her supplies she uses at school.

I'm not sure if this zipper pouch is big enough to store all of her needy supplies, but even if it doesn't, she can still use it as a cosmetic pouch...
ただ、このサイズで充分なのかどうか? 万一、小さすぎる場合は、化粧ポーチとして使ってもらおうと思います。

BTW...we received these very lovely and yummy looking Easter chocolates this week.  If you know me, you know that I'm a chocoholic, yet I'm trying to save these candies (at least for a few more days) for its cuteness! 

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