Scrappy bird pouch and the peacock... ハギレのポーチと庭の孔雀・・・。

Without much thinking... I stitched up this scrappy log cabin patchwork zipper pouch. It was a fun and speedy project with instant gratification!


I got the center bird fabric from our local Joann. It's one of the Cloud 9 fabric line.

ポーチ中央の鳥さんの生地は近所の手芸量販店 Joannから。Cloud 9という人気ファブリックシリーズのものです。 →☆

And guess who's been visiting our backyard lately?


Yes! It's the peacock again!  In our neighborhood, we often spot these wild peacocks, as mentioned in this earlier blog post.


He likes to sit underneath our backyard table and leave droppings... lol
Has any bird visited your backyard lately?

Just a reminder that my handmade zakka giveaway is still open until this Friday night.  Hope you have a chance to enter if you haven't yet!

庭のテーブル下でくつろぐ孔雀さん。美しい鳥には違いありませんが、必ず置き土産(う〇ち)を残していくのが困り物です! 皆さんのお宅ではどんな鳥が遊びに来ますか?


***Love, Amy***


Christine said...

such a cute pouch! I have that little house fabric.

Kay Eyles said...

This is a sweet pouch, aqua is my favourite colour as it is such a happy colour.

Speckled Hen said...

Amy, I love your blog as much as I love your beautiful handmade. Thank you for posting the peacocks. I am so fascinated by the beautiful birds - they are so regal and magnificent. I wish there were peacocks wandering about in our neighborhood here in the U.K. I love taking my son to special bird park to see peacocks.

Unknown said...

Thank you, ladies for your sweet comments and support!

@Speckled Hen - I hope you can stop by at our place with your son one of these days to check out the wild peacocks hanging around in a casual manner ;) And I suppose I shouldn't be complaining too much about these pretty birds making mess in our backyard... although cleaning up peacocks' droppings is a dirty business!! lol

Unknown said...

Gorgeous little purse!


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