Our trip to Japan (August 2013) 猛暑日の続く日本に行ってきました~(汗)

We just came back from our short family trip to Japan. As you may know, summer in Japan is super hot and humid, and it was no exception during our stay... (Over 35C or 95F degrees every day with very high humidity... >o<) 

I'm still feeling a bit exhausted and jet lagged... so let me quickly show you some images from our recent trip! 


We visited the Character Park at Kichijoji, Tokyo with my girls, where we found tons of Japanese *kawaii* character goodies, including our girls' all time fav, Rilakkuma and much more!


Tokyo Tower


Outside the crowded Shibuya station of Tokyo


Statue of the influential samurai, Saigo Takamori, with his pet dog (lol) at the Ueno Park, Tokyo.


Went fabric shopping at Nippori Textile Town of Tokyo on a very hot day...


And if you ever have a chance to visit Nippori Textile town, you can't miss this discount fabric store called Tomato! 


1 meter = 105 yen (a little over $1) fabric sale at Tomato!


And guess what?! I couldn't believe my eyes when I spotted my book at Kinokuniya bookstore Shinjuku store's Foreign book section!  Of course, I had to place it on the top shelf facing the customers (although no one seemed to care)... lol!


Bunch of character socks sold at a local department store.


You'll find lots of mass produced zakka everywhere in Japan!


Traditional Japanese scenery at Gifu, Japan.


Women only passenger car in Osaka, Japan...


Enjoyed "Cream Soda" at our local coffee shop of my hometown, Nagoya!


Green tea shaved ice is the best on a hot and humid day ;D


You may not believe it, but "Eel bowl" is actually really tasty!


Cold soba (buckwheat noodles)


Fried shrimp in rice balls. My all time favorite :D


Hamburg steak (with soy sauce based dipping sauce) at Japanese Denny's.


Ramen noodles, pot stickers, and shrimp dish at a Chinese restaurant.  Oops... Excuse me for posting too many images of food on a (craft) blog!! 


Actually I had some business to take care of during our Japan stay, and the trip wasn't all about vacation, but we still had great time meeting up with our family members and friends and enjoyed lots of good food despite the heat and sweat!! 



Finally, "Bye!" from Tracky, the team mascot of Hanshin Tigers of Osaka, Japan.

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もしよかったら、私のフェイスブックインスタグラムも覗いてみてくださいね。 ブログ更新ができない時にも時々写真をアップしています♪ では皆さんもお元気で~^^

***Love, Amy***


Unknown said...

This was such a Fun post to read! Thank you for taking the time to share so many wonderful photos + food!

Alyce @ Blossom Heart Quilts said...

Haha, I love that you called it "Japanese Denny's" - I was on my way to my "local" Yuzawaya this morning and passed a Denny's and thought to myself, it really is nothing like American Denny's!

Christine said...

I think the food you were eating looked pretty crafty to me. I could look at those food pictures all day.

Moster Lene said...

NO NO NO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO....it's TORTURE to show a picture of a fabricstore, with fabrics THAT cheap!!! *giggle*

I'm in pain right now :oD

Barbara O. said...

... true enough, showing fabric and all this delicious food. Japan's on the list. ;-)

Bobbypin Bandit said...

Your trip looks like great fun! The green tea shaved ice looks amazing! I love anything green tea flavored and that seems like it would be a great treat for the 100F+ degree heat in Southern Arizona.

I totally want to eat everything and roll around in the fabric store!

Thanks so much for the gift you sent. I am in LOVE with the fabric and look forward to making a little pouch for myself with the flex frame... using the pattern from your book, of course!

Thank you thank you!

AND... thanks for sharing photos of your trip!

pratima said...

What a nice trip with yummy food and visiting your favorite and nostalgic places. Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures. Hope you have recovered from the Jetlag :)

etsu said...

日暮里で トマトにまで行っていたのね~。今度 反対側の谷中の古い町並みを私とぜひ散策しようね~。



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