Sewing Fabric Buckets with Melody Miller fabrics メロディ・ミラーの生地で布製丸底バスケット

I remember making these fabric buckets using my favorite Melody Miller fabrics last summer.  At that time, I was in the midst of designing/creating projects, illustrating step-out diagrams, and writing up narrative instructions for my book... Boy I was busy!  And these fabric buckets are one of the many samples that I made for the book.


As you may be able to tell from the above pic, pre-quilted fabrics are used for the lining of these buckets.  This way, there is no need to sandwich the batting between the exterior and the interior fabrics, and the pre-quilted fabric adds sturdiness to the buckets.


The bucket comes in two sizes: 11 1/2 (29 cm) diameter and 9 1/2 (24 cm) diameter.  Smaller bucket nests snugly inside the larger bucket like this.

バスケットのサイズは2種類。大きいほうのバスケットの丸底の直径は約29センチ。小さいほうのバスケットの丸底の直径は約24センチです。 使わない時はこんなふうに小さいバスケットが大きいバスケットの中にすっぽり納まります。

These buckets can be whipped up fairly quickly yet they have tons of uses!


Zakka Handmades

If you are interested in making your own fabric buckets, step by step instructions with illustrated diagrams on how to make these buckets can be found in my book

Besides my flickr group, you can also follow my Pinterest board: Zakka Handmades: my book, to check out various fabric buckets and much more projects made from my book by other talented crafters :D

イラスト入りの作り方については著書をご覧下さいね。→☆ 写真投稿サイトの flickr や画像まとめサイト Pinterestで、読者の方々が作った掲載作品が見られますのでそちらのほうもよかったらご覧になって下さいね。 

Pinterest  画像まとめサイト「ピンタレスト」はこちらから。→☆
Flickr  写真投稿サイトフリッカーはこちらから。→☆☆

Happy zakka making!

*** Love, Amy ***


Anonymous said...

Muy lindos y útiles....

Unknown said...

Gracias, Carina��!

MitziBella said...

I just purchased your book after seeing your website and others making the projects. The ideas for fabric uses are endless ... I can't wait to start this weekend! Thank you~~

Unknown said...

Thank you, MitziBella! If you have a chance to make project(s) from my book, don't forget to post it onto my flickr group: Zakka Handmades, the book! Happy zakka making♪♪


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