Rilakkuma iPod sleeve for my daughter リラックマ生地で iPodケース

Per request from my daughter, I whipped up a simple iPod sleeve using the Rilakkuma fabric.  As you may know, Rilakkuma is a lazy bear character from Japan who is always relaxing with his buddy bear, Ko-Rilakkuma (the smaller white bear shown) and the yellow bird guy.

娘用に iPodケースを作りました。リクエストはリラックマの生地で。

A covered button and the elastic holds the iPod from slipping out of the case.  The lining is simple white polka dots on navy.


The back side of the sleeve. The lazy bear and his friends are napping on the cloud...


I have made a couple more projects in the past using the same Rilakkuma fabric, such as this wristlet pouch...


...and this zippered top bento lunch bag. Our youngest has been using this lunch tote for over a year now.

The Rilakkuma fever never seems to fade among our girls (although they're already 13 yrs and 11 yrs olds)!


*** Love, Amy***


pratima said...

It is adorable, Amy! Cheerful color and cutest bear and the button with his best friend is so perfect! I love your matching projects too!

Jessica said...

Rilakkuma! It's so easy to get attached to Japanese characters. Do you have a favorite?

Unknown said...

Thank you, ladies!

@Jessica - My all time favorite Japanese character is My Melody and her friend Kuromi... And you're right, it's so easy to get attached to the Japanese characters and there are tons of them!


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