Zakka Pattern Overview: Travel Organizer ☆ 私のオリジナル雑貨パターンより 「パスポートケース」

This post is part of a series to introduce my newly released zakka patterns in detail. Today's pattern under spotlight is Travel Organizer

Because there is a limit on the number of photos and descriptions that I can post on my etsy shop listing, I will provide you with more information about my individual patterns on my blog posts.

Hello everyone!

First of all, many thanks to you for checking out my newly released (eight) zakka patterns in my etsy shop! And for those who actually purchased my patterns through my shop or through Seven Islands Inc (for wholesale purchases), thank you very much!  Today, I'd like to provide you with more info and images of my Travel Organizer pattern.

今月初旬の雑貨パターン販売開始と同時に私のオンラインショップを覗いてくださった皆さん、ありがとうございました! オンラインショップから雑貨パターンを購入してくださった方々、または、Seven Islands Inc. さん(日本からの輸入生地専門卸業者)から直接パターンを購入して下さったショップオーナーの皆さんには厚くお礼申し上げます。

To make this Travel Organizer, you will need 1/2 yard of lightweight canvas or home decor weight fabric for the main fabric, and one fat quarter of solid cotton for the lining. Other supplies required include batting, interfacing, one 7" zipper, snap fastener (size 16), and a snap setting tool of your choice.


This is a 4 page pattern with illustrated instructions. If you have seen my book, you know my style. The pattern is laid out in a similar way as it is in my book, with step-by-step instructions and easy-to-follow diagrams. 

If you purchase my patterns via Etsy, once your payment is processed, the PDF pattern can be instantly downloaded. You can print out the pattern sheets from your account as many times as you wish.


This is a very convenient travel organizer that securely holds passport(s), identification cards, credit cards, and other important documents altogether. Or, you can use it as everyday organizer to hold daily planner, store coupons, shop cards, and business cards, all in one place!


There is one large zipper pocket, two large compartments, and six card slots for maximum storage. Step by step instruction to install one zipper pocket (7" zipper) is included.


For setting snap fastener (size 16), you may use your favorite snap setter of your choice. I used The SnapSetter© from SnapSource and a hammer to set snap fastener, which I find it very user friendly. Instead of snap fastener, you can use an ordinary sew-on snap, too.

スナップファスナー(アメリカサイズ16。日本では11mm)の取付けには様々な道具がありますが、私はThe SnapSetter(写真参照)を愛用しています。もちろん、留め具にはスナップファスナーではなく、普通の縫い付けタイプのファスナーボタンを使われてもいいですね。

Setting snap fastener using SnapSetter

ハンマーと SnapSetter を使えば、簡単にスナップファスナーがつけられます。

Approximate finished size is 5"W x 7-1/2"L (when closed).


For this Travel Organizer (in bunny fabric above), I used a button and an elastic instead of snap fastener. I personally like the finish of the snap fastener better (it's more sturdy) but the choice is up to you.


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Thank you so much for visiting my blog today... Wishing you have a lovely Thanksgiving holiday with your loved ones^^


アメリカでは今週末はサンクスギビングです。皆さんご家族で楽しい時間をお過ごしくださいね♪ 今日も最後までお付き合いいただいてありがとうございました。

***Love, Amy***

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PY said...

Hi, Amy, hope you patterns will sell like hot cakes!

Unknown said...

Hello PY! Thanks so much for stopping by and wishing me success in the pattern sales! You have always been so kind and encouraging^^

I hope all is well for you and your family. Wishing you the best this holiday season! Hugs and kisses from California, Amy

PY said...

Oh, sorry for the typing error, should be "your patterns" and not "you patterns".:D

Amay ,Thank you. I am fine but nowadays spend more time on baking and gardening instead of sewing. Just hope I will pick up sewing again very soon.:D


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