House Ornaments ☆ おうちのクリスマス飾り

Happy December!  

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend... and enjoyed the black Friday shopping spree! lol  Just like you, I have tons of things to do before Christmas... yet I still managed to make these small house ornaments to lift up the holiday spirits.

もう12月ですね♪ ここアメリカでは、今週末のサンクスギビング(感謝祭)休暇の開始と同時に街はクリスマス商戦スタートです。皆さんと同様、私もクリスマス前にはやるべきことが山積みですが・・・そんな中、以前から作ってみたかったおうち型のクリスマス飾りを作ってみました。

I was inspired from this book to make my own mini houses. I've owned this book for some time now, but I still enjoy flipping through the pages to find something exciting.


Above is the image from the book. Such cute houses!


I changed the size and the pattern a bit and made my own version. The houses are fairly small in size that can sit on my palm like this.


For the window of the mini houses, I was lucky to hoard these window themed fabrics on hand!


We don't have a *big* Christmas tree set up in our house yet, but I got this *mini* tree from our local Daiso (Japanese discount store) for less than $2.  I guess I need more ornaments to decorate this mini tree, but this is how it looks like for now.


Hope you all have a lovely month of December! 


***Love, Amy***

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Katherine said...

So cute, Amy! I love simple and satisfying sewing like this.

Debbie said...

Adorable little houses Amy! I really want to make one! Love that window fabric! Debbie/Sewzalot

Createology said...

Very cute creations. I will come back again. Creative Joy...


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