I've been making all things zakka 雑貨いろいろ作ってます♪

*Macaron* zipper pouch

How's your holiday sewing getting along? Well, I haven't actually started stitching holiday gifts (yet), but I've been making all things zakka. I just haven't had a chance to post them on my blog lately...  You know, it's so quick and easy to post images on Facebook and Instagram nowadays that I had been a bit lazy to update my blog.  So sorry!

Today, let me quickly show you some of my recent handmade zakka on this post!

皆さんこんにちは!最近では忙しさにかまけてなかなかブログ更新ができずご無沙汰しています~><;そんな中でも Facebook(フェイスブック = FB) と Instagram(インスタグラム = IG)ではちょくちょく手作り作品の写真を掲載しています。

ブログ更新にはどうしてもある程度の時間がかかってしまうのですが、その点 FB と IG はスマホからも簡単に写真が掲載できるので手早く便利です。今日は最近作った雑貨の中から、既にFBや IGで写真掲載したものを駆け足でブログ掲載させていただきますね♪

Here's a *macaron* zipper pouch that is made of precious scraps of Libery of London fabric. Can you believe that the entire procedure is hand stitched to make this teeny zipper pouch?  A quarter sized coin (Japanese 500 yen coin) snugly fits inside the tiny pocket of the pouch. These macaron zipper pouches are very popular among the Japanese crafters.


Cinnamoroll laptop sleeve

This one is made for my fourteen year old girl. It's a laptop sleeve made from Cinnamoroll fabric, another *kawaii* character from Japan.


The sleeve is entirely quilted throughout with double fleece batting for extra durability. Just like me, my daughter is a clumsy girl so we need extra care to protect expensive items! 


Rilakkuma zipper pouches 

Then I made these zipper pouches for our daughter's friends using the Rilakkuma fabrics.  


Per request of our girl, I added fluffy pom poms to the zipper pull and used cheery polka dots for the lining. These were given away as birthday gifts with other goodies inside.


Rilakkuma lunch set

Here's a bento lunch bag and a matching water bottle holder made for our youngest girl using different Rilakkuma fabric, of course! lol   I got this newer version of Rilakkuma fabric from Japan this summer.

リラックマといえば、これは次女のために作ったリラックマのお弁当バッグと水筒カバーのセットです。 この夏日本で購入したリラックマ生地を使っています。

Miffy the rabbit drawstring bag. The bag is fully lined!


Crocheted edging on double gauze fabric...


The reverse side is quilted linen.


Amigurumi under construction...  Can you tell what I'm making?

Well that's it for today! Hope you enjoyed browsing my recent handmade zakka. If you have a chance, hope you can join me on Facebook and follow me on Instagram ... Until next time!

あみぐるみを編んだりしています。他にもいろいろありますが今日はこのくらいにしておきますね~。お時間のあるときに Facebook と Instagram にも遊びに来ていただけたら嬉しいです♪

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***Love, Amy***


Sandra :) said...

Sweet projects, Amy - your fabrics and embellishments are always so cute! The pompom zipper pulls are amazing - may I ask how you did them?

I'm always glad when you do a blog update - I don't Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or any of the social networking programs so I rely on blog posts and my blog reader for my sewy crafty inspiration :D

Svetlana said...


Erin @ Why Not Sew? Quilts said...

Everything looks beautiful! the little coin pouch is so sweet. I love your crocheted edging too. I've been so addicted to that lately!

Createology said...

I am enchanted with the adorable items you create. Sweet fabrics and great gifts. Love love love the little macaroon zippered case. Thank you for sharing. December Delights...

Unknown said...

Thank you, ladies, for your warm words of encouragement! Hope you're all keeping yourselves nice and warm this holiday season!

@Sandra-I simply stitched the pompoms to the zipper pull using strong craft threads by passing stitches a couple of times through the pompoms and the zipper pull. It's really a quick and easy embellishment ;)

Sandra :) said...

Amy thanks for the pompom info - I'll try it - so cute for zipper bags for girls (big and little!) :)


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