Hello from my linen patchwork bunny and our trip to winter wonderland ♪ リネン+パッチワークのウサギさんからご挨拶と、雪のアメリカ中西部への旅

Hello! to my crafty friends from my linen + patchwork bunny!  Hope you all had a lovely Christmas with your family and friends.

手作りリネン+パッチワークのウサギさんからこんにちは! 皆さんもご家族やご友人と素敵なクリスマスを過ごされたことと思います。 

This bunny is made from my original pattern. She doesn't have a name yet, but I already adore her so much! 


Bunny girl with her puppy pal that I made a while ago. They get along so well! lol


Snap shot with the entire plush friends! ^^


By the way, for this Christmas, we visited my sister's family who lives out-of-state.   With my mom who is visiting us from Japan right now, our family traveled from the sunny and warm Southern California to...


...the snowy winter wonderland of the Midwest state!  Yes the weather was freeeeezing cold over there and we got stranded at the connecting airport, but we ended up having such good time! You know, our girls are born and raised here in Southern California, so it was their first time to see and feel the *real snow* and to enjoy the winter sports. They had a blast!  A huge thanks to my sis's family for entertaining us with so much fun!

雪の舞うアメリカ中西部の州に出かけてきました~。悪天候のため乗継ぎ便が欠航になり、途中の空港では足止めされたりしましたが、最終的にはとても楽しい旅行ができました。特に我が家の娘たちは生まれも育ちも南カリフォルニアなので、これまでは雪というものを見たことがなかったのですが、今回は妹一家とスキーなどウインタースポーツも満喫できて、大満足の数日間となりました! 冷え性の私には寒さが堪えましたが・・・><;妹一家には感謝です♪

We stopped by at Kinokuniya bookstore (Japanese bookstore) in Chicago, Illinois, and guess what made me happy? Yes, I spotted my book at a corner shelf of the bookstore! 

Because of all the holiday preparation and traveling, I hadn't been able to do much stitching lately. I am itching to go back to my sewing table now!   So...what are you stitching right now?


クリスマスの準備や国内旅行などが続いたため、ここ数日間はソーイングをすることができなかったのですが、今は早く何か作りたくてウズウズしています。 皆さんもお忙しい年末年始かと思いますが、ほんの短い手芸タイムを利用してどうかほっこりしたひと時をお過ごしくださいね♪

***Love, Amy***


pratima said...

These are the cutest critters! So sweet! Wonderful to hear that you had a lovely Christmas with family! It must be very thrilling for kids to play in the snow for the first time :)
Enjoy your holidays!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Your patchwork bunny is adorable Amy! Your Christmas looks amazing - how lovely to have your Mum visiting for the holidays and to to spend it in the snow.Best wishes for 2014!


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