Patchwork Placemats for my Sis ♪パッチワークのランチョンマットを妹にプレゼント♪

Hello everyone!

Today I'd like to show you what I recently whipped up for my sis #1... a set of patchwork placemats! (Note: I have two younger sis and two younger bros, so it's easier for me to number them at times... he he)


Reverse side of placemats ランチョンマットの裏面

Actually, these placemats were made for my sis and her family as a thank you gift from me, for hosting us during our Christmas visit to their home last year end... Yes, it took me a whole six months to stitch up this gift for my sis and her family... Shame on me! 


This was a scrappy and hassle free kind of project that I really enjoyed making all four blocks! After all, these were made for my sis, which meant that they didn't have to be perfect...! ^o^


By the way this isn't the first time that I make placemats for my sis #1. Here is another set of placemats that I made back in 2010 for her. 


Here are the close up of the placemats that I made for my sister this time...


Scrappy string quilt version


Lemoyne star version


Kaleidoscope (kind of?) version


Cat in the house version (my original block)


I asked my sis which block she likes the best... Well, I already knew her answer because she is a serious cat lover... But yes, her favorite was a cat in the house block as I had expected ^^


I was able to hand over these placemats to my sis when she and my niece visited us over the past weekend.  After all, my thank you gift was waaaay too late, but better be late than never... Right, sis? 


***Love, Amy***


Susan said...

All the placemats are lovely, but I especially love the pink binding! Very pretty!

Svetlana said...

these are absolutely adorable Amy. I'm sure your sister will love them.

Ellyn said...

lucky sis! these are adorable

Alli said...

Your placemats are so cute -- especially the house one! :)


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