Sewing for a Fundraiser ♪手作りグラニーバッグなど寄贈しました♪

The Yonsei Basketball Association is a non-profit organization founded by a group of Japanese Americans (JA) in Southern California to establish cultural exchange program for middle-school aged youths, using basketball as a vehicle.

Currently, the association is organizing fundraisers to raise money for the JA eighth-grade boys and girls to visit Japan this summer as part of the U.S. – Japan youth exchange program.



 Lining side of the bag バッグの内布

When I was asked to donate my handmade goodies and a copy of my autographed book to the Association’s fundraising program, I was thrilled! As a Japanese mom of two middle-school aged children, it's my honor to be able to help out such an exciting program!

このたび、このような素晴らしい活動をされている団体に私の手作り作品2点とサイン入り著書を寄贈させていただきました。 私自身中学生の娘二人の母ということもあり、お声をかけていただいた時は嬉しくてすぐにミシンに向かって作品制作を始めたい気持ちでいっぱいになりました!実際にはすぐにというわけにはいきませんでしたが、出来上がった作品はこちらです↓↓

Above are the finished projects… a simple tote bag and a matching lanyard made from Japanese “Echino” fabric. The pattern of the bag is my original. The lanyard pattern is from my book.


I love the colors of this fabric… deep and vibrant colors on cotton and linen blend fabric.


These items will be up for auction. I hope my handmade goodies will help raise money for the young JA boys and girls to experience the Japanese culture and heritage this summer in Nagoya, Japan (which happens to be my hometown)! I wish them the best of luck^^


***Love, Amy***

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pratima said...

Beautiful bag for a beautiful cause, Amy! The colors are wonderful and the bag has so much space, it sure is going to be well loved! Have a lovely week ahead!

Unknown said...

Thank you, Pratima, for your sweetest comments as always! I, too, wish you have a gorgeous week with lots of stitching time!! Love, Amy^^


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