Fabric necklace for my girlfriends ♪ギフト用に布製ネックレスを作りました♪

Over the weekend, I made these fabric necklaces as gifts to my girlfriends.


It takes a little less than one fat quarter to make one necklace.  You may want to check out  this earlier post to find out more about how I make these quick and simple accessories.


With wood beads placed inside, the finished necklace is very lightweight. It is perfect for daily use.



I asked my youngest girl to be the model of the day... The blouse may look a bit baggy for her and that's because she's wearing her mom's (lol).

次女にモデルになってもらいました♪ 私の服を着ているのでちょっとブカブカですね。(笑)

Which necklace do you prefer? 


***Love, Amy***

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1 comment:

Ellyn said...

those are so cute! I especially like the blue one in the middle


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