Linen Scarf

I love to wrap my neck area around with nice scarfs.  I wear them during the cold weather to keep myself warm, and I also wear them on warm sunny days for sun protection purposes.  This scarf is made of light weight linen.  The size is approximately 2 yards (1.82 m) long x 11" (28cm) wide. 

I only had about a yard of this linen fabric, so I cut it up into two pieces, each measuring about 1 yard (91 cm) x 1 foot (30 cm) and connected them together with french seams (so that the edges will not show).    I also added the ivory doily and lace I had in my craft drawer to the scarf at both edges.    I really like the "crinkled" look of the linen scarf. 

Have a happy November!

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