Cell phone charm

I like to hung cell phone charms on to my cell phone, and I crocheted this white and light blue cell phone charm using cotton yarns.   In the center of the crochet flower, I placed a small pearl shaped bead.

And my cell phone decorations? Yes, it's my handmade, too! I placed rhinestones on to the face of my phone with the help of a jewelry glue... Some people think that I'm too old (and insane?) to decorate cell phone like this... but I don't mind at all because I like shiny phones :)

Here, I placed the crocheted cell phone charm next to the bag charm that I made earlier.

By the way, I received a surprise gift today... some homemade scones!

I love English scones, and these scones are crispy outside and soft inside, with just the right amount of sweetness... it's absolutely the best!   Thank you very much, Mrs. Y, for the delicious treat :)

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