Strawberry pouches

I made this strawberry pouch with handles for a birthday present to a young girl who will be turning eight soon.  She is my younger daughter's classmate and the birthday party is scheduled this week after school.  We plan to put some new pencils and Japanese erasers (the ones with fruity smell) inside this pouch.

Inside is pink polka dots

Side view.  I attached some colorful clear beads as zipper charm.

Using the same strawberry fabric, I also made this pouch.  This one is without the handles, and I combined it with a denim fabric at the botom.

Inside is navy polka dots

Two strawberry pouches all lined up.  Which one do you like?


Sam said...

I like both of them! She is a lucky little girl :-)

I hope you're feeling better today, chick chick! I must have missed your post the other day when you had a bad cold.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Sam! I've fully recovered from the bad cold and I'm now in a mood for crafting... A LOT!

And I can't wait to see your "thing a day" projects this month... Go, girl! You rock ;)

PY said...

I like both of them too ! Such a sweet present! The little girl must be very happy to get this pretty handicraft !


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