Simple Pouch

Simple Pouch, originally uploaded by chick chick sewing.

This simple pouch is made of my favorite retro flower fabric that I purchased in Japan last summer.  I liked the fabric so much that I had saved it for a long time... and I was such a chicken that I didn't have enough "guts" to cut this fabric into pieces...but I finally made it into this pouch.  And I'm glad I did it :)

For the inside lining, I used this "waffle" fabric to add that cushiony effect.

It's a perfect size to store my crochet hooks and scissors.

Here is the side view. 

And here, I wanted to show you the size comparison of the fabric baskets that I made recently... You can see how large the bigger one is! 


Sam said...

That pouch is gorgeous! I'm glad I'm not the only one who suffers from "The Fear" of cutting into beautiful fabric :-) Then, once you've done it, you can't stop!

Unknown said...

Thanks, Sam! See, I'm never a chicken when it comes to buying more and more fabrics (well, maybe I should be a bit of a chicken in this way), but when it comes to cutting my favorite fabrics, I'm a true chicken!! But you're right, once I've cut it, I can never stop ;)


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