Fabric basket (pastel dots)

I whipped up another fabric basket last night.   I plan to put some sewing notions inside this basket and give it to my girlfriend who recently got married... She plans to start sewing to make clothes for her dog (how cute!)  and I thought a small sewing basket will be a good gift for her.

These are some sewing notions that I plan to place inside the basket.  A pair of sharp scissors, a cotton thread, needles pack, a tape measure, and a handmade linen tartlet pincushion...

After all of the items are placed inside the basket, it will look like this.

I took another pic with the original fabric basket I made earlier (shown on left).  They are like twins!

Once again, these fabric baskets were made from the very easy-to-follow tutorial from Pink Penguin :)  Thanks for viewing!


cocostitch said...


Unknown said...

Hi, cocostitch! 布バスケット作り、はぎれ利用もできるし、作り方もわかりやすくて楽しいですよ。おすすめです♪

Christina Lane | The Sometimes Crafter said...

I'm glad you found my blog, because now I found yours! Everything you sew is so cute! I love your little stamps and fabric baskets.

Unknown said...

Thank you, Christina, for visiting my blog!! I will definitely want to try your tutorials soon, esp the fabric scrap basket and the kindle case (although I don't own a kindle yet)!! Happy crafting :)


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