Baby blue crocheted flower

I crocheted this flower this week, in my car, sitting in the parking lot, while I waited for our girls' after school activities.  I like the soft blue color of this cotton yarn.  I attached few fake pearls in the middle of the flower with a matching embroidery thread.

The back side of the flower looks like this.

When I crochet flowers, I usually make them with one or two layers of petals, like this one below (with two layers of flower petals).

But for my first attempt, this time I crocheted a flower with three layers of petals...  Can you tell?


PY said...

Very pretty ! I like your colour choice .

Unknown said...

Thank you, PY! I almost never wear light blue clothing, but I still like the color :)

Mette said...

Lovely. I really like the flowered fabrics. enjoy your Sunday.

Unknown said...

Hi, Mette, thanks for stopping by! Yes, I'm enjoying my Sunday, spending some time with sewing and blogging! Hope you have a great week :)


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