Patchworked drawstring bag in tricolors

Hi all :)  Thanks for stopping by.  TGIF (Thank God It's Friday), I can finally find time to post on my blog!

It was another busy week for me, at work and at home, and  I was only able to spend less than an hour per night to craft this week (**sad**), but somehow I managed to whip up this randomly patchworked drawstring bag, which was an instant gratification for me when finished ;-) 

For this drawstring bag,  I attached a handstamped tag made of linen on to the face of the bag, like this.

Oh, no, I didn't carve this stamp myself, but instead, I purchased it online from this Etsy shop.

Close up of the stamp.

This is the back side of the bag.  I like the combination of tricolors (blue, red, and white) with some linen...

The lining is blue/white polka dots in flannel, and the strings are in red.

Oops, what's this mess down there??  

Well, these are my fabric scraps that keep piling up!!  I store all my scraps in a large transparent container, in an effort to use them whenever I can.  And yes, I used scraps from here when I whipped up this randomly patchworked drawstring bag this week,  although I literally had to rummage through this mountain of fabrics to search for the right scraps to be used... phew!

But I'm happy with how it turned out : )

BTW, last but not least, I wanted to share with you this super moist and delicious lemon cake that our neighbors baked for us this week...

The cake was a surprise anniversary gift for my hubby and I from our dear neighbors!   I was so surprised to receive such a heartwarming gift from our neighbors, because I really don't remember telling them about our anniversary date, and think about it...  

How do you expect your neighbors to remember our anniversay date, when your own hubby almost forgot it??   I had to remind him to remember this special date... : (

But this surprise lemon cake made our special day even more special!!  Thank you, neighbors!!

And I hope you all have a relaxing weekend with lots of crafting time ;)


PY said...

Amy, Happy Belated Anniversary ! The cake looked delicious . You are so lucky to have such a nice neighbour !

I love your patchwork draw string bag.The colour combination is really pretty. I have a big container full of fabric scraps too. I think I must use my fabric scrap to sew some stuff too ! :)

I like the new look of your blog !

Hope you have a happy weekend !

Unknown said...

Thanks, PY! It makes me feel better knowing that you, too, have a container full of fabric scraps... ;) I guess we're all on the same boat filled with fabric scraps (and more large chunk of fabrics sitting in the corner of our house, right?)


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