Oilcloth coin purse

Using the same Japanese import oilcloth that I used to make the drawstring lunch bag, I made this small coin purse for my daughter.

The small pouch can be hung from the lunch bag like this, to store lunch money, hand sanitizers, or any other necessities to bring to her school.

Or with a string cord, my daughter can carry her library card,  chap stick, or other small belongings, around her neck, like this.

By the way, when sewing with vinyl coated fabrics and/or oilcloth, I use this sewing machine foot.
This machine foot makes sewing oilcloth a breeze!  Highly recommended if you plan to sew anything with oilcloth.
 Teflon non-stick foot for my Brother machine

I still have a bit more left for this import oilcloth, so I plan to make more stuff for my kids : ) 


Grace @ WhimsyLoft dot com said...

kawaii! ur daughter is so lucky to have a crafty mommy :D

Unknown said...

Thank you, WhimsyLoft :) I think our girls enjoy having their mommy's handmade stuff around in the house, although they do complain that they want me to buy more stuff at the store :P

PY said...

Well done, Amy.This purse is a real match for the drawstring lunch bag.It is such a good idea to have it hanging over the handle of the bag for convenience. :)

Dinky Daisy said...

Super cute :-)

Vintage Girl/Marivel said...

cute bags !!

Unknown said...

Thank you, Dinky Daisy and Marivel, for your comments :)

Mel G said...

I love dropping by your blog to see what u have been sewing. Thank you for sharing your ideas and projects!

Unknown said...

Hi, Mel G, and thanks for stopping by! I am so lucky to receive such nice comments from my fellow crafters like yourself! It just keeps me motivated to craft more :)


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