Gifts for the birthday girls

Our younger daughter is invited to two separate birthday parties over this weekend, and she is totally thrilled!  And both parties are pool parties, where she will show up to the parties in her swimsuits...

 Anyhow, birthday party invitations means more crafting time for her mommy.  I made these patchwork pencil pouches/small bags, one for each girl, as birthday gifts.  Both of the birthday girls are turning eight. 

This time, I had my daughter select the fabrics for her friends' pouches, and I got so exhausted after having her rummage through my stash... because she's just too picky with the fabric selection!  I mean, where did she get such fabric pickiness from??  Does anyone know???  (LOL)

Side view of the pouches

The girls this age just love pink, so I made the lining 100% pink!

Using some leftover (toy) beads from our daughters' beads box, I somehow put together these chains and beads and attached them to the zipper opening.    I'd say that putting these beads onto the chains was by far the most difficult part of making these pouches!   I definitely need more practice (and patience) with beads and chains...

For extra fun, I made these matching hair pins with leftover fabric scraps.

Hope the girls enjoy the gifts!

And most of all, hope you all have a happy Father's Day weekend!


PY said...

The fabrics chosen by your girl are really sweet and pretty. The pencil pouches are gorgeous ! I am sure the birthday girls will be very happy to get such beautiful gifts .

Vintage Girl/Marivel said...

I like them so much.
Pretty gifts ,cute colors.

Unknown said...

Thank you, PY and Marivel, for stopping by! I hope the birthday girls like the fabrics used ;)

Grace @ WhimsyLoft dot com said...

kawaii! i love the colour and combination of fabric. your girl has good taste ;-).
did u use anything for lining? i usually use iron on interfacing... but am looking for a more "spongy" effect (maybe fucible fleece..?)

Unknown said...

Thanks, WhimsyLoft!! Yes, I used the fusible fleece for the lining. I like to use fusible fleece because it adds the "spongy, cushiony" effect to the pouch :)


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