Simple (IKEA) tote bag for my mom

Here in the U.S., today is the second day of the long 3 day weekend (Labor Day weekend).  Hope you're having a relaxing weekend with your loved ones :)

This is a tote bag that I made for my mom earlier, or more than a month ago.  Because I tend to work on several sewing/crocheting/crafting projects at once,  sometimes I just forget to post the finished work on this blog.  I am so busy creating things in my much needed spare time, that I tend to lose track of what I've made and what I'm still working on  :P

Anyways, I sewed a tote bag using this gray/white leaf print fabric from IKEA.
Attached on to the outer pocket of the bag is my favorite *flower* tag.

The bag can be used reversible, and the fabric used on the reversible side is navy 100% linen.

There is a magnet button and another pocket placed on the reversible side.

I think the bag is roomy enough to hold files and other belongings...

This bag was a requested item from my mom. She asked me to make her a tote bag that can carry all her business files and personal belongings when she goes to work. My mom is in her early sixties, but still works as a freelance financial planner and an insurance specialist in my home town in Japan.

BTW speaking of IKEA fabrics, do you recall another bag that I made for myself earlier this summer?   In the picture below, to the left (light blue one) is the tote bag made for me using another IKEA fabrics.  I use the bag every day and I just love the Scandinavian taste of the IKEA fabrics!

Tote bags made of IKEA fabrics

My mom is already using the bag and she seems to like it very much, which really makes me happy :)

Thanks for reading and hope you have another good week this week!


Jessica said...

Beautiful work - though surely making a reversible tote bag isn't a simple sewing project?! I've also bought a ton of IKEA fabric to make up some very basic bags to give as Christmas presents this year though they won't be half as lovely as this one.

Unknown said...

Thank you, Jessica :) I love IKEA fabrics, and I can't wait to see your bags made of IKEA fabrics!!

megan said...

I love that blue/white/orange fabric as well and made a bag for myself too! IKEA has wonderful fabrics for bags.

Unknown said...

Megan - Yes, indeed. IKEA has wonderful fabrics for bags and all. BTW your zipper pouches are soooo cute! Love them ;)

PY said...

Amy, great work. I love the Ikea fabric you used. The bag is adorable !

Unknown said...

PY - Thanks :) I think I really like this IKEA fabric, too, so I may end up making another tote with this fabric for myself ;)


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