B is for Baby

Our close neighbor had a grandchild born recently, and I've been wanting to give a handmade gift to the family. 

So I made a handmade baby bib using the lovely Heather Ross Far Far Away fabric line in double gauze.  As you may already know, double gauze is super soft 100% cotton so I think it is perfect to make baby items.   And besides, I really love this unicorn print!

The bib is reversible and the other side is a patchwork of cotton and cotton flannel.  Also, cotton batting is sandwiched in between the two outer fabrics for extra absorbency.

The reversible side (cotton and cotton flannel patchwork).

Here's another bib using another double gauze from Heather Ross.   The yellow color can be used for both a baby girl and a boy.

The reversible side.  Cotton flannel (bird) and cotton (green/white polka dots) patchwork.

The bib has velcro closure on one side of the neck.

One will be given out as a gift, and the remaining two are listed in my shop.


Z said...

Very cute. Was it hard to make?

Unknown said...

Thank you for visiting, Z of ZKNITZ! It took me a while to figure out the right pattern for this bib (as I wanted the velcro to be on the side rather on the back of baby's neck), but besides that the sewing part was very fun and straight forward! It always makes me happy whenever I make things for the babies :)

PY said...

Amy, your baby bibs evoke the memories of my childhood. My mum used to make colourful patchwork baby bibs and sent back to China when I was a kid.

Unknown said...

PY - Thanks for sharing your childhood memories on bibs :) Bibs are a must for any babies, and I love making colorful items for the little newcomers!


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