Patchwork hexagon wristlets

Quick post today...

These are two patchworked wristlets I made recently, inspired by Pink Penguin's this patchwork wristlet :)  

These hexagons are hand pieced by me, machined appliqued on to the linen fabric and made into wristlets...

Patchwork hexagon wristlet (red)

The wristlet is fully padded with fleece batting so it's safe enough to store cell phones, digital cameras, and other gadgets inside securely.

Back side of the hexagon wristlet (red).
I used my favorite fabric here with linen - a discontinued repro fabrics of bird cage by the window.

hexagon wristlet (pink)

Back side is alphabet fabrics in pink. 

They are in my shop now :)

Thanks for reading and hope you all have a great weekend!!

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PY said...

Amy, these are adorable !


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