Hair scrunchies : fabric and crochet

Last night, I whipped up these flower print hair scrunchies for quick gifts.

The fabric is 100% cotton voile from Japan.  I love small floral prints, and I especially love this fabric.

The hair scrunchies are wrapped in clear bags and closed using handmade fabric tapes made of double sided tapes and leftover fabric strips.  Now it's ready for gift giving :)

And a while ago, I made a crocheted hair scrunchie for myself.
I like the crocheted scrunchie as much as I like the fabric scrunchies, except that the crocheted fringes got twisted while making (and I didn't even notice until it was completed :(

Side view of the crocheted scrunchie

Crocheted hair scrunchie worn by my daughter. 
I really like the "frilled" effect of the crocheted edging.

Thanks for reading and hope you're enjoying your early autumn days! (Or early spring for those of you in the southern hemisphere ;)


PY said...

Your crocheted hair scrunchie is really beautiful ! I like it very much. I think I have to learn to crochet such hair scrunchie :).

Unknown said...

Hi, PY! I like the crocheted scrunchies as much as I like the fabric kinds, but I sure need more practice to be able to make ones without the "twist"!

Hope you have a great week ;)


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