Crochet flowers and a surprise fabric gift

I usually carry a ball of yarn and a crochet hook inside my purse wherever I go.

And when there is any waiting time or idle time on the go, I take the crochet hook and some yarns out from my bag and begin crocheting these double layered crochet flowers.  I literally crochet everywhere;  in my car, at doctor's office, bank, restaurant, inside our girls' gym class and ice skating classes, etc... One time, I even tried to crochet while waiting at the supermarket checkout line ;P

A double layer crochet flower snap pin

A double layer crochet flower pony tail holder

After making several of these flowers, I like to make them into hair accessories by adding matching fabric covered buttons in the center of these flowers and either a ponytail holder or a snap pin to the backside of the flowers.

A pony tail holder (I use goody ouchless) and a snap pin is securely attached to the back side of the flowers like this.
These hair accessories will be listed in my shop soon!

And today, allow me to brag about this wonderful surprise gift that I received from my dear blog friend, Ayumi, of Pink Penguin!

As you may already know, Ayumi is a very talented crafter and a blogger.  She is also a very generous person who is kind enough to share many of the very practical and easy-to-follow tutorials of super cute items in her blog, including my all time favorite fabric basketsreversible patchwork bag, patchwork wristlet, and more...!!

And these are the surprise fabric gifts that I received from her in mail recently...

A rare find: A Mister Donut fabric!!!

As Ayumi describes in her blog post, Mister Donut is a very popular donut franchise in Japan (but never found here in the U.S.) 

I love Mister Donut and I love this fabric!!!!  I couldn't believe my eyes when I first saw this fabric in her blog post.   The most interesting part of this fabric is that it includes Japanese logo in the print ;)

So fun and yummy!! 

And that's not it!!

I received this retro looking teapot fabric from her also. 
OMG I'm totally in love with this one, too!!!

Lovely red teapot print

I love retro looking prints, and I love the combination of red, white, and blue colors...
I've never met Ayumi in person (unfortunately), but it's amazing how she knows my taste in fabrics like this one!!!

Close up of the *teapot*

Thank you, Ayumi, for your thoughtfulness and generosity!
I don't think I can use any of these fabrics for quite some time (they're too precious!), but I will definitely spend a lot of time just staring at these and smiling throughout the day :)

Thanks for reading and hope you all have a great week ;)


ayumills said...

Awww you are so kind, Amy-san!!! I'm just so happy that I was able to share those fun fabrics with you! When you told me that you like Mister Donut in Japan, I knew I'd have to send some of the fabric for you because I knew you'd even love the fabric more! (I am actually not the biggest fan of the donuts - I think I like lighter, greasier kinds better like krispy kreme, haha, but I truly love the fabric!)
Oh and it's funny to hear you like to crochet everywhere! I'd be very thrilled if I see you doing that at the supermarket! Those little flowers are so pretty. That reminds me of Mary Quant's cute logo!

Unknown said...

Ayumi - THANK YOU for your kindness!! And BTW I love krispy kreme donuts, too, as much as I love Mr. Donuts ;)

それから Mary Quant のロゴ、懐かしいですね~。 そういえばあの花柄も花びらは5枚でしたね! スルドイご指摘です☆ ではこの度は素敵なプレゼントを本当にどうもありがとうございました!!お蔭様で幸せ気分がずっと続いています~~♪


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