A new pair of pants for baby

Remember this baby gift set that I made for our family friend's baby (below image)?

  Using the same elephant fabric, I whipped up a simple pair of pants and a matching small drawstring bag for my baby nephew, who is now six months old.

Does this pants look too big for a six month old baby?   Well, you may be right... But I thought it's better to make a bigger clothing than a smaller one for a growing baby, and it turned out like this...!! (lol)

I serged all seams, so it was very simple to sew.  Hope my baby nephew wears this pants, if not now, hopefully in a few months...

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Today, I have a small notice to my etsy shop customers.  I will be temporarily closing my shop from tomorrow, August 19, thru the end of this month, to spend more time with my girls and my hubby, before the summer slips away!

I plan to reopen my shop in early September, hopefully with more new items, so please check back in a week or two, if you can :)

Thanks for visiting my blog, and I hope you continue to enjoy your remaining days of August with your loved ones ;)

***Love, Amy***


PY said...
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PY said...

I love the cute fabric you used! I am sure your nephew will love to wear this pants !

Unknown said...

Thank you, PY!! When I was making this pants for my nephew, I remembered that you made really lovely shorts for your cute niece a while ago...! I'm sure she still wears those pants all the time :)


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