Celebrating Father's Day one cake at a time... 父の日ケーキ…2つ?!

Happy Father's Day to the hard working, family loving, and thoughtful fathers, father-in-laws, grandfathers, uncles, husbands, and all the fatherly figures out there! 

今日は父の日。世の中のお父さん、お義父さん、お祖父さん、伯父(叔父)さん、そして普段から父のような存在で周囲を温かく見守ってくださっている方々へ。 いつもありがとうございます♪

We are celebrating our Father's day here, one cake at a time... Just too much cakes to eat!


Actually, I was too busy today with our girls' activities so I asked my hubby to pick up his own "Happy Father's Day" cake from the bakery that I pre-ordered.  When he returned, he brought home with his favorite Japanese style fluffy cheesecake with "Happy Father's Day" chocolate on the top, plus another family sized chocolate cake in his hands!  Which is just too many cakes for a family of four... but who can complain? It's Father's Day! 


I managed to cut up the pieces for my next project.  Can you tell what the pieces are for?


Hope you're enjoying your Father's Day with your loved ones. 


***Love, Amy***


Maria said...


Unknown said...

Good guess, Maria! It's going to be a pair of tiny shoes ;)

Maria said...

I recall doing a pair of similar shoes for Ana 2 years ago. Red, silky, tiny shoes.
I remember her wearing them like 2 or 3 times. :)
We still have them in the closet.


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