I spotted my book at our local bookstore! 近所の本屋さんで自分の本を発見!

Today, I spotted my book on the bookshelf of our local Barnes & Noble bookstore...


The book has been sold online on Amazon for a couple of weeks now, but seeing my book on the local bookstore shelves is a totally different story!


I got super excited and went on to take bunch of photos of the bookshelf from every angle using my iphone. The folks around me probably thought that I was going nuts but you know what?  I didn't care! lol


Thanks for stopping by and I wish you have a happy weekend!


***Love, Amy***


Bobby Pin Bandit said...

This is awesome, Amy! It must have made your heart flutter to see your book! How exciting. I am loving your book and the patterns are AWESOME!

Thanks for the compliments on the embroidery sampler! Thanks for sharing it on Pinterest!

Sam said...

Yay!!! How thrilling to see your book surrounded by its friends :-) I finally have a few free hours this afternoon and I'm about to take the plunge into making my first project from it.....will put a pic on flickr when it's done!

Amy DeCesare said...

How super exciting!!! That must be like living a dream. I think yours is the next book on my must-have list - it looks like fun!


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