Handmade Reversible Baby Shoes and My Blog Tour Coming Up! 手作りベビーシューズと、もうすぐブログツアー開始♪

I love making anything relating to babies, and stitching a pair of baby shoes is one of my favorite projects to make.   The step-by-step instructions for how to make this Reversible Baby Shoes is featured in my book :)

私は赤ちゃんのための小物を作るのが大好きです。中でも、ベビーシューズは作りながらも思わずニンマリしてしまう作品のひとつ^^ このベビーシューズはリバーシブル仕様になっており、作りかたは私の著書に掲載されています♪

 You may recall the above cut out pieces from my earlier post. As Maria guessed in her comment (thanks, Maria!) I was making a pair of tiny shoes for the little person :)

上の写真をおぼえていらっしゃいますか。少し前に、当ブログでチラ見せさせていただきました。→☆ これは、ベビーシューズ作りのための型紙&生地を裁断した時の一枚です。

This project can be made with two fat quarters (for the interior and exterior) and a small fabric strip for the straps. It's fairly simple to stitch than you might think.  Here, I used my favorite yellow floral prints for the shoes exterior and the tie ribbons are made of yellow and white polka dots prints.


 As you can see, I used bright pink and white polka dots prints for the reversible side. These shoes are made without any snaps, buttons, or exposed seams, so it's safe for the precious little feet!


Soft shoe soles and sides are padded with 100% cotton batting.  The project is small enough that it can be hand stitched throughout without using the sewing machine. 


Reversible baby shoe from my book...

Before I go... My palms are literally sweating with anticipation and joy that the Zakka Handmades Blog Tour will kick off on Monday, June 24th!  Woo hoo!  


You can check out the entire schedule here. See you all at the tour!


***Love, Amy***


Christine said...

You just made me want to have another baby! I love the shoes.

Unknown said...

Thank you Christine!! Having another baby for the sake of having a cute pair of baby shoes sounds like a good Idea to me ; D Happy zakka sewing!


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