Storing eraser stamps in my grandpa's toolbox 祖父が作った道具箱に消しゴムはんこを収納しました。

I organized my carved eraser stamp collection recently.  These stamps are hand carved by me using eraser blocks and a sharp craft knife.


I decided to store the entire stamps, carving tools, and inks into this toolbox that I inherited from my maternal aunt. 

My grandpa had a total of five daughters, and he made this handmade toolbox for each and every daughter when he was still active (a total of five toolboxes). My grandpa passed away almost three decades ago, but his toolbox is still being used, now by me!

消しゴムはんこ、ナイフ類、はんこ用消しゴム、スタンプなど一式を、母方の伯母から譲り受けた道具箱に収納しました。 私の母は5人姉妹です。 この道具箱は今は亡き祖父が生前、娘5人のために一人にひとつずつ、丹精こめて作ったものです。

The toolbox is structured in accordion fold style in two tiers. I'm not sure what kind of wood is used.


Now that my entire stamp carving items are organized in one place, it's so convenient and everything is easily accessible.



Thanks to my aunt for letting me use this precious toolbox, and a huge thanks to my grandpa for making such a lovely gift!


***Love Amy***


kristyne said...

That is just the best story. Things made with such love & purpose and handed down ... so special. What a treasure. And that you store your handmades in it?! Love it! Thanks for sharing. :) xo k

Amy DeCesare said...

Such a great tribute to your grandpa, just in time for Father's Day. He would be so proud to see what you're doing today. Clearly he passed on his talents in handmade crafting to you as well!

pratima said...

It is a very heart warming story behind that beautiful wooden box. Thank you for sharing! Your grandpa would be so proud and happy to see you using his precious gift for your crafting and being treasured :)


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