Back from Houston Quilt Market 2013 with my new patterns! ヒューストンキルトマーケットと、新作雑貨パターンご紹介

My new zakka patterns introduced at Houston Quilt Market 2013

Last weekend I attended the Houston Quilt Market to introduce my new zakka patterns and to have my first book signing.  The show was huge, exciting, and full of energy.

As you may already know, Quilt Market is a big industry trade show where all the major fabric companies, distributors, designers, publishers, authors, shop owners, notions suppliers, and sewing machine manufacturers get together to display their best booth for potential buyers.



 I was fortunate enough to have my own corner to display my books, patterns and pattern samples, within the Seven Islands Inc. booths at the show. Seven Islands is a major Japanese fabric distributor here in the U.S. and throughout Europe, who wholesales Japanese fabrics including Kokka, Kiyohara, Cosmo, Westex, and more.

今回私は幸いにも Seven Islands Inc さんのブースの一角に自分の著書、ならびに新作雑貨パターンとそのサンプルをディスプレイするコーナーを設けていただきました。Seven Islands Inc. さんは、アメリカ国内ならびにヨーロッパ各地で手広く日本の生地を卸販売されています。

Instead of me blabbing too much here, I will go ahead and post bunch of photos of our booth!  Above and below are the images of my new pattern samples displayed at the Market.


Small corner display of my books and zakka samples.

From my zakka patterns: Children's Pencil Cases and Pyramid Zipper Pouch and Sachet 

From my zakka patterns: Reversible Baby Shoes in a Bag and more Pyramid Zipper Pouches.

Samples of Rae's Ribbon Tote. You may recall that I made one of these bags for myself to attend this show!

Cute Pleats! Pencil Pouches and Patchwork Lanyard and Key Wristlet, from my new zakka patterns.

From my zakka patterns: Samples of Travel Organizer


And of course, there were more beautiful displays in our booths.  Below is an amazing booth by fabric designer and author, Ellen Lucket Baker. I couldn't keep my eyes off from her new Garden collection from Kokka. Love the nature inspired colors and designs she used. You can view more images of her booth at her blog, The Long Thread.

では今度は同じエリア/ブース内に展示されていた他のデザイナーさんのブースをご紹介させてくださいね。こちらは、ファブリックデザイナー兼ソーイング・キルト本著者のエレン・ラケット・ベーカーさんの美しいブースです。日本の生地メーカー、コッカさんから発売される彼女の最新のファブリックライン Garden の生地を紹介されています。彼女のブログではより多くの写真がご覧になれます。→☆

It was my first time to meet Ellen in person, but I've always liked her fabric so much.  As you can see from the below pic, I used her previous Folk Modern and Stamped fabric lines to create cover samples of my Fabric Bucket and Hangtag pattern.

今回エレンさんにお会いするのは初めてでしたが、以前から彼女のデザインするファブリックがとても好きでした。今回、私の新作雑貨パターンのひとつである「タグ付き布バスケット」の表紙作品を作る際にも、エレンさんの Folk Modern と Stamped という、異なるファブリックラインから生地を使わせていただきました。どちらの生地もシンプルでとても可愛いですよね。

I was so lucky to get a signed copy of her gorgeous book, 1-2-3 Quilt, and even took a selfie with her :) Thank you, Ellen, for your kindness and generosity!



And take a look at these stunning new fabric line of Katsushika Hokusai, or Japanese influential artist and painter from the Edo period of Japan. The fabrics are traditional yet very modern. 


Friendly representatives from Sunhit Company of Japan.


We can't miss the Kokka display... Their fabrics are magnificently authentic!



Oh and by the way, about my new zakka patterns, they can be purchased at a wholesale level from Seven Islands Inc. At a retail (online) level, they are now available in my etsy shop!

Well, I have more to say about the Market, but I will let you go for now... Thanks for stopping by and I'll see you soon :D

というわけで長々と失礼しました~。ちなみに私の新作雑貨パターンについては、私のオンラインショップで販売中です。卸販売については Seven Islands Inc さんからご注文いただけます。キルトマーケットについて、本当はもっと書きたいことがたくさんあるのですが今日はこのへんにしておきますね!では今日もお立ち寄り下さってありがとうございます♪

***Love, Amy***


TheFabricStash said...

I love these!!! I'm going to order for my shop (www.the-fabric-stash) from Seven Islands....I've been looking for a pattern like the little pencil case for a long time! My 4 year old would love that as a kind of a mini-purse!

Janice said...

I love these - especially the pencil case - and will be ordering ASAP from Seven Islands for my shop....good luck with your patterns!!

Anonymous said...

You are so beautiful!!!
All your displays were awesome. I hope you sold a lot! and made some good contacts.

Michelle said...

I'm so excited that you are now selling individual zakka sewing patterns. I've been looking for something like this for my shop for a long time. Love, love, love them!

pratima said...

Amy, it is wonderful that your zakka patterns are available individually. They are adorable just like you :)
Hope you had an amazing time!

Unknown said...

Thank you, ladies, for your encouraging and warm words! It means sooooo much to me!!

Happy zakka sewing and hope you enjoy your crafty moments♪♪♪


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