My projects featured in Love Crafting magazine! 何気なく手にしたイギリスの手芸雑誌に自分の作品を発見してびっくり!

This week during my regular trip to our local Joann, I picked up this charming craft magazine from the U.K.   The magazine is called Love Crafting, and it is packed with inspirational images and tutorials of delightful projects.

近所の手芸量販店 Joann の雑誌コーナーで何気なく手にしたイギリスの手芸雑誌「Love Crafting」をパラパラとめくっていたところ・・・

As I enjoy flipping through the pages, my jaws almost dropped to the floor when I spotted my own Kotori Zipper Pouch (little bird pouch) in the mag! Oh my gosh! \*o*/


And guess what?! I found not only one of my original projects, but two projects featured! My Vintage Ribbon Flex Frame Pouch was also included among the fifty-two projects featured in the magazine! 


There was a tiny image of my book's front cover printed in one corner of the page.


The magazine was $9.99 at the store. And yes, I rushed to the cashier to get this one!

I don't know when and how other authors are notified when their projects are featured in the magazines, and I'm not sure if I will ever be notified about all this?  Hmmm... As I'm a rookie author, there are still so many mysteries in the publishing world...


恐らく私以外の手芸本の著者の方々は雑誌に自分の作品が掲載されると随一報告を受けると思うのですが、私にも近々報告があるのでしょうか? 私は年は食っているものの、著者としては新人なので出版業界にはまだまだわからないことばかりです~。><;

***Love, Amy***


pratima said...

Congratulations!! What a sweet surprise for you to find them in the magazine! So nice to see your book featured in there too :0)

margueritedesigns said...

Depends on the contract you signed for the book - are the publishers allowed to release projects to advertise the publication? Otherwise, you might be due some royalties here ...

Sarah said...

Hi Amy,

That's great advertising for you but I think that they should have contacted you first to get your permission. That happened to Rach... she was looking through a craft magazine in Italy and found a bunch of photos of her work.


Amy DeCesare said...

That was a cool surprise, and I hope it will end up bringing you lots of book sales.

verykerryberry said...

I am guessing that this might be somewhere in your book contract although decoding the language that means that a percentage of your book can be used like this can be challenging. I know other authors who have this in their contract.

Patricia said...

Generally here in the states you are reimbursed in someway - a magazine subscription is common but so it monetary reimbursement. However, I would agree with what margueritedesigns said and check with your publisher. Review your contract and keep your eyes open. congrats though, as it a BIG DEAL to get published and you have a whole page!

Svetlana said...

that's wonderful, Amy. Congrats!!! I have to go and look for the magazine too.

Kimiki Straw said...

Congratulations! I like your projects in your book and your blog. Just starting out with my sewing blog so any advice or comments are surely welcomed.

Anonymous said...

I'm in the UK and I just wanted to say that your cute purses are the main reason I bought the magazine!


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